When you have a business, you will often see that competition can be fierce, especially on a local level. One of the significant challenges that lots of businesses will have is trying to determine the best way to increase their search results with Google. Something that you can use to help is local SEO, with the assistance of a trained team that understands how it all works. 

How Does Local SEO Work?

With the right amount of efforts put into SEO, you have the chance to level the playing field. SEO on the local level is where all businesses are on the same platform as national businesses. When you implement best practices, you could even see your ranking soar to the first page of the search results in as little as a month’s time.

What Is Meant By Local SEO? 

You can essentially think of Google as the brand-new version of the Yellow Pages. Well over 90% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses, so boosting your rankings will help to put your business in the forefront. 


What Is The Difference Between SEO And Local SEO? 

With traditional SEO, there is a focus on improving the visibility of your website on a national or global level. With local SEO, it helps businesses to capture the search territory on a local level to connect with consumers who are within your area. 

Comprehensive Guide To Local SEO 

Working with the professionals will help you to get all of the help that you need to set your business apart from all the rest when it comes to your local SEO efforts. When you contact us at Free Local SEO Pro, we can go over things like: 

Keyword Selection – We can help to set up a list of some of the simple keywords that explain your products or services. This will include both buying intent keywords as well as research intent keywords, which is a combination that will maximize your results.

Optimization For Keywords – Once we formulate your keyword list, we will help to optimize. We go over details for your Google My Business page and help guide you through the importance of optimizing your website.

Citation And Link Development – After we put together the bones of your local SEO campaign, our team will work on citations, which is a listing for your business in online directories. From there, links help to build the foundation for your business to keep you running on the same level as your competition.

Reviews – People love to look at reviews when they are searching for a company to work with. Reviews also help to let Google know that your business is legitimate.

Results Tracking – Local SEO does not stop after everything is set up. It is important that you always have your results tracked to see what is working for you and what is not. This is the only way that you can improve your results by knowing that it should be improved over time. 


How Much Does Local SEO Cost? 

If it is time for you to jump in with local SEO, then you need our help here at Free Local SEO Pro. We would love to talk with you to go over all of the benefits of working with our trained team, and we would be happy to give you a detailed cost estimate for the project.