Find Out why Local SEO is Important for SEO Performance

May 28, 2020 in SEO

Running an online business today becomes increasingly competitive, as billions of organizations work to provide content and support to their customers across the internet. This is why local SEO is important for SEO when it comes to reaching relevant and dedicated customers. At Free Local SEO Pro, we provide top-notch local SEO services to boost your online business visibility, reach more customers locally, and increase your revenue.

The difference between SEO and local SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic through organic search engines. So let’s break this definition to make you understand the actual meaning of SEO:

  • Quality of website traffic involves attracting all internet users in the world. They are genuinely interested in your products or services.
  • Quantity of website traffic involves the practice of increasing traffic once the right customers click through from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Organic results are the listings on unpaid SERPs that appear due to factors such as valid SEO efforts and relevance to the searchers’ query.


Now, what is local SEO? This refers to how you optimize your local business website to rank better for geographical location and relevant local customers. With SEO, you’ve got an opportunity to reach the entire online world. However, if your target audience is near your store or office, you should practice some local SEO.  

Benefits of local SEO for your business

If you’re serious about promoting your business, you’re probably wondering why does local SEO matter in terms of providing tactics to reach your potential customers. Google states that four out of 5 internet searchers want search engine results to fit their geographical location.

Generally, local SEO is vital to your business, yourself, your customers, and of course, your bank account. So let’s dive deep and see the top benefits of local SEO for your business:

  • Reach your actual customers
  • Increased website traffic
  • Generate more leads and sales
  • Boost your trustworthiness and authority
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Customers will find you on organic search and Google maps
  • Money-saving, etc.


Reasons why we’re the best choice for local SEO services

By now, you understand why local search is important and a powerful factor in building a stronger online presence as well as reaching actual local customers. Now it’s your time to crash your competitors and conquer your geographical location online marketplace by choosing our local SEO services. Here’s what makes us the ideal choice for local SEO services:

  • Diversified skills
  • Latest technology techniques
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Quality content and link building
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective services, etc.

Finally, you know why local SEO is important for SEO, so stop wasting your time and money and dive into local search marketing and enjoy the many benefits. While getting into the local SEO world on your own can be a perplexing task, you don’t have to worry because Free Local SEO Pro is here to help you. Please contact us now, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Why Pay for SEO Small Business?

May 28, 2020 in SEO

At Free Local SEO Pro, we specialize in offering SEO for small business. If you are a small business owner trying to target the local audience for your products or services, it is imperative to establish a robust online presence. We employ an exclusive small business SEO checklist to help entrepreneurs enjoy higher website traffic. 

Beginner’s guide to small business SEO

As a small business, you must build a responsive and user-friendly website. It does not stop there; here are some tips on how to increase site traffic and conversion rates:

  1. 1) Create a proper website structure – Your website should have a logical link structure to be user-friendly. It should be clutter-free with easy page navigations to make your visitors spend more time on your site.
  2. 2) Avoid broken pages and links – Search engines and visitors view websites with broken links and pages as obsolete and outdated. Your prospective customers will jump to the next highest search result, and over time you will lose your ranking in SERPs. Update links to broken pages and outbound links on your website.
  3. 3) Create an enticing meta title and description – Every page on your website should have a unique and intriguing meta description and title. Also, do not forge keywords, insert a keyword in meta description only if it fits naturally.


Lastly, post engaging, relevant, and fresh content on your website for search engines to trust your website as a credible business. Also, do not forget to get citations and listings for your business in directories and other credible sites with high traffic.

Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

A small business may not have a large budget set-aside for advertising and marketing campaigns. For companies with minimum resources, SEO may be your best bet at getting the word out about who you are, what you do, and how you differ from your competitors.

SEO is the most cost-effective method to reach a broader audience. Furthermore, SEO allows business owners to track the results and reach of campaigns. This way, you can alter the campaign to be more fruitful and make sure that every penny you invest in SEO pays off.


Why is SEO important for small businesses?

SEO can help you reach a wider audience in a short time. It is much cheaper than traditional marketing and helps you reach a global audience. It not only helps improve website traffic, but it also increases leads and improves conversion rates. SEO helps build brand credibility and a loyal customer base for your products or services.

For most small businesses, SEO becomes the primary source of leads and guarantees higher close rates. It helps create brand awareness and improves your website speed. Lastly, it is an efficient marketing strategy that helps cut through the stiff competition.

We are here to answer your questions like ‘what is SEO for small businesses’ and ‘what is the cost of SEO,’. Get in touch with us at Free Local SEO Pro for more details on SEO for small business.

Free SEO for Small Business You Can Take Advantage Of

May 28, 2020 in SEO

To take advantage of SEO, you must understand what it is and how to use it to your advantage. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which basically organic techniques that are used to boost search engine rankings. The perks and benefits associated with higher search engine rankings are practically endless and can help small businesses exponentially. Following simple SEO for small business tips can help you harness the power of search engines.

At Free Local SEO Pro, we can take care of all search engine optimization strategies and services to make the process of marketing your small business easier than ever. The number one question our team at Free Local SEO Pro is asked is, “Is SEO worth it for small business?” The answer to this can vary, depending on what techniques and strategies you utilize. Those who put their trust in our stellar services can definitely expect their SEO investment to be worth it.


Beginner’s Guide to Small Business SEO

When you start thinking about utilizing SEO strategies for small business, you need to create a small business SEO checklist. Consider the following tips and tricks when creating your checklist:

  • Fix Technical Issues – You want to address technical issues with your site because they will cause traffic to avoid coming to your site. You can’t conduct business if the smallest aspects of your company aren’t running smoothly.
  • Focus on Raking in Reviews – Reviews on the web can market your business in a way that you aren’t able to do on your own. Reviews can give consumers valuable insight into the goods and services your brand has to offer. Positive reviews can influence the future of your company.
  • Gaining Local Links – Gaining local links to websites that are in your area can help boost your search engine rankings. You want to boost your rankings without paying for expensive ads. Search engine optimization techniques are the best way to accomplish your goals.


What is SEO for Small Business?

Search engine optimization for small businesses is a cost-friendly way to gain web traffic. It is an advertising outlet that will ultimately pay for itself. To ensure your website takes full advantage of what SEO can provide, you should always turn to us at Free Local SEO Pro. We can provide you with comprehensive SEO services that will send your brand straight to the top of search engine rankings. In order to do business online, consumers need to be able to find your business online. Achieving your goals of branching out using the web can be easy if you take advantage of the services we have to offer at Free Local SEO Pro.

Why is SEO Important for Small Business?

SEO is important for all types of businesses, but especially small businesses. SEO can help you make the most of your marketing dollars. Getting the word out about what your brand has to offer can help draw in web traffic, which can ultimately convert to real time leads. Our affordable services at Free Local SEO Pro can provide you with a positive outlet to take advantage of the perks SEO can offer small businesses.

Switch to Free SEO for Local Business

May 28, 2020 in SEO

At Free Local SEO Pro, our result-driven do-it-yourself tool helps optimize SEO for local business and acts as a guiding roadmap to online success. While local SEO can be confusing, our SEO tool helps optimize your website and improves its ranking on the search engines.

Ways to optimize your website for local SEO

If you are an upcoming business, make sure to have a Google My Business page as it accounts for almost 19% of local SERP rankings. Update your website with long-form, engaging, fresh, and informative content to make your visitors spend more time on your site. Make sure to build backlinks in local directories and high traffic websites to add legitimacy and earn search engine’s trust.


Over 85% percent of users trust online reviews for making a purchase decision, make sure to ask your repeat and happy customers share their experiences with your business online. Lastly, without measurable results on your website’s performance, you may not know if whether your SEO campaign is paying off. Use a highly effective SEO tool to track your local rankings for targeted keywords.

How can local businesses rank for targeted keywords?

You have several strategies you can use to rank better for targeted local keywords. Most customers find businesses by using local search queries. Make sure to find out the keywords that people use to find your business. Designing an SEO strategy becomes a much easier task once you know the keywords you’re ranking for, and it also enables you to focus on other relevant keywords.

One of the features in our SEO tool ‘Keyword finder + mapper’ not only helps you rank for local keywords but also improves your rank for competitive and generic phrases. Lastly, identify keywords that seem fitting to your geographic location to improve your ranking in local SERPs.


Guide to improve your local SEO

Start with optimizing your home page and metadata. Your homepage should offer a clear picture of who you are, what you do, and your location. Each of your webpage’s title tags, the header tag, and meta description should also be clear to make it easy for search engines to know who you are and to list you at the top of SERPs.

Make sure that your page title tags include your city or location. If you have a business in several locations, create a webpage for each location to rank higher for each location. Lastly, make sure to apply the local business schema to every web page as it acts as an additional code to make your site rank higher for local SEO.

For more details on how to rank your local business in the top of SERPs and for local SEO 2020 tips, get in touch with Free Local SEO Pro. We are experts in SEO for local business, and our flagship AI tool helps track your website’s progress and growth. View live data about your website performance on your account management dashboard at the click of a button. For more help with local SEO in 2020, visit our website or call us.

Is Your Marketing Agency Overcharging You for Local SEO Services

May 27, 2020 in SEO

At Free Local SEO Pro, we offer exceptional local SEO services at affordable prices. We act as a comprehensive guide to local SEO and specialize in creating new and easy avenues for small-sized businesses.

Business listings

Getting a higher rank in ‘Google My Business’ plays a pivotal role in improving your website rank. Google verifies the credibility and reliability of your business by calculating the number of listings and citings of your business’ name, phone number, and address on the internet. The more the citations, the better your search rankings.


Mobile responsive design

A responsive website not only leads to excellent user experience, but your business will earn a search engine’s favor and help you reap larger rewards in terms of rankings. Make sure to build a mobile responsive site that helps improve the site’s usability and user experience.

UX analysis

Your website should allow users to move from one page to another seamlessly and intrigue them to click on the links on your website. They must spend more time on your website and should feel the need to revisit your site to enjoy a higher ranking.

Link building

Link building is an important SEO strategy that fuels the growth of your website visitors. By placing links on reliable and high traffic websites, you can draw some of that traffic to your site. Our SEO tools for small business has three key features, keyword finder + mapper, link opportunity finder, and backlink scanner/monitor, all of which helps you list your site in trustworthy directories.


NAP Consistency

NAP stands for name, place, and phone number. You may lose your place at the top of SERPs if you consistently change the NAP of your business. Inconsistent NAP can affect your rankings for local search queries.

Local Content

Your site must have content that is relevant and useful to the local audiences. Also, make sure to create a webpage exclusively for your location as it makes it a lot easier to earn a good ranking in the local SERPs.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords allows businesses to target several keywords at the same time. Adwords also allows you to advertise on other websites that use Google Adsense. It offers greater results than an SEO campaign.

Social Media Platforms

Content posted on social media pages has a positive impact on a website’s ranking. It helps build a loyal customer base and redirects them to the website.



Businesses with high quality and positive reviews rank high on Google. Your reviews define your image to your prospective customers.


Finally, to answer your question ‘How much does local SEO cost?’, our SEO tool for small businesses costs $199/MO, and for expanding business $999/MO. We offer a whole array of features, tools, and trackable results for the price you pay.

We understand local SEO services more than anybody. Our Do-it-yourself SEO Tool can help your small business cut through the stiff competition. To get answers for questions like ‘What is meant by local SEO,’ ‘how does local SEO work,’ ‘what is the difference between SEO and local SEO,’ contact Free Local SEO Pro today.

Bring Your Local SEO Checklist to Free Local SEO Pro

May 27, 2020 in SEO

A local SEO checklist guide can help you create your own unique checklist for local SEO. Achieving success with local SEO techniques and strategies starts with utilizing the things you have on your checklist. Plus, the services we have to offer at Free Local SEO Pro can help you benefit greatly from SEO strategies.


10 Things You Need for Local SEO

  1. 1) Optimize Your Content – Your small business checklist for local SEO should contain content that is optimized with search engine optimization techniques. Use testimonials of previous customers on your company’s webpage to draw in more web traffic. Make sure all content that you post is one hundred percent original and related to your industry.
  2. 2) Mobile Friendly – You need to go the extra mile to ensure that your site is mobile friendly. Using the services we provide at Free Local SEO Pro, your site will be a higher priority to search engines. Search engines prioritize websites that are mobile friendly, which could be yours!
  3. 3) Google My Business – The Google My Business listing for your company needs to be optimized. This is one of the most important local SEO best practices and checklist items. Be sure to verify and claim the listing that is made for your company. That can help validate your brand with consumers.
  4. 4) Include Google Maps – Embedding Google Maps in your content or on your website can help you draw in local traffic that is actually interested in your brand. You can use our local SEO checker at Free Local SEO Pro to see how your site ranks to others. Drawing in local traffic can help you convert web traffic into real time sales that you can depend on.
  5. 5) Optimize Your Title Tags – Optimize all of the title tags on your page and make sure they all have unique titles. This is a key factor in achieving local success on the web. Each title needs to be less than sixty characters. Instead of worrying about small details like this, you can turn to us at Free Local SEO Pro. We can handle all of the SEO strategies for your site.
  6. 6) Verify Contact Information – You should make sure the contact information for your company is correct. You should also make sure that it is easy to find online. Consumers don’t want to waste their valuable time searching for information that should be simple to find.
  7. 7) Actionable Meta Descriptions – Actionable meta descriptions can provide big results when it comes to search engine rankings. Your click thru rate could be damaged by a poorly written meta description.
  8. 8) Optimize Heading Tags – Always optimize the heading tags of your site. The importance of this small step cannot be stressed enough. It is always best to put your SEO strategies in the hands of our expert team at Free Local SEO Pro.
  9. 9) Structured Markup – Schema markup can allow you to add information about your business that is relevant. Our team at Free Local SEO Pro can handle all of your needs.
  10. 10) Manage Online Reviews – Apologize to customers who have negatively reviewed your business. Show loyal customers who gave your site a good review your thanks by expressing your appreciation through a short reply.

Are You Fed Up with The High Costs of Local SEO

May 27, 2020 in SEO

When you have a business, you will often see that competition can be fierce, especially on a local level. One of the significant challenges that lots of businesses will have is trying to determine the best way to increase their search results with Google. Something that you can use to help is local SEO, with the assistance of a trained team that understands how it all works. 

How Does Local SEO Work?

With the right amount of efforts put into SEO, you have the chance to level the playing field. SEO on the local level is where all businesses are on the same platform as national businesses. When you implement best practices, you could even see your ranking soar to the first page of the search results in as little as a month’s time.

What Is Meant By Local SEO? 

You can essentially think of Google as the brand-new version of the Yellow Pages. Well over 90% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses, so boosting your rankings will help to put your business in the forefront. 


What Is The Difference Between SEO And Local SEO? 

With traditional SEO, there is a focus on improving the visibility of your website on a national or global level. With local SEO, it helps businesses to capture the search territory on a local level to connect with consumers who are within your area. 

Comprehensive Guide To Local SEO 

Working with the professionals will help you to get all of the help that you need to set your business apart from all the rest when it comes to your local SEO efforts. When you contact us at Free Local SEO Pro, we can go over things like: 

Keyword Selection – We can help to set up a list of some of the simple keywords that explain your products or services. This will include both buying intent keywords as well as research intent keywords, which is a combination that will maximize your results.

Optimization For Keywords – Once we formulate your keyword list, we will help to optimize. We go over details for your Google My Business page and help guide you through the importance of optimizing your website.

Citation And Link Development – After we put together the bones of your local SEO campaign, our team will work on citations, which is a listing for your business in online directories. From there, links help to build the foundation for your business to keep you running on the same level as your competition.

Reviews – People love to look at reviews when they are searching for a company to work with. Reviews also help to let Google know that your business is legitimate.

Results Tracking – Local SEO does not stop after everything is set up. It is important that you always have your results tracked to see what is working for you and what is not. This is the only way that you can improve your results by knowing that it should be improved over time. 


How Much Does Local SEO Cost? 

If it is time for you to jump in with local SEO, then you need our help here at Free Local SEO Pro. We would love to talk with you to go over all of the benefits of working with our trained team, and we would be happy to give you a detailed cost estimate for the project. 

Free Small Business SEO Tools

May 27, 2020 in SEO

Free local SEO pro is a tool that can help you promote your brand visibility with the help of free small business SEO. Many businesses, especially the small ones, find search engine optimization very tricky. Our tool guides you through this process and helps your online visibility in the search engine.

Guide to SEO in 2020

An SEO strategy is as important to a business as its product marketing. After all, it plays a major role in the digital-influenced world. However, small businesses fail to understand the reasons, especially the local businesses, of why SEO is important for their business. Therefore, here are some reasons to take SEO seriously:

  • Customers rely on the Internet for all of their needs right from food delivery to make up products, educational courses, or repair services. Therefore, whichever niche your business belongs to, your customers are definitely available online.
  • The Internet will only show your company’s name in the result if your business is SEO optimized.
  • Not only the website, nowadays, but even social media content and press releases also need to be SEO focused to rank on the search engine.
  • An SEO optimized website sees more traffic in comparison to others without proper SEO practices.
  • It also helps you in getting qualified leads that, too, for free.


Small businesses find it challenging to implement SEO practices, and this is where top free and paid SEO tools come handy.

Benefits of free local SEO tools

A small business can find the most help from local SEO as their businesses are usually areas concerned. Therefore, choosing the best local SEO software can be very beneficial to such companies. The benefits you can reap by implementing the software are:

The easiest way to use SEO practices

An SEO tool after installation walks you through the SEO process. Therefore, you can have complete guidance of the tool while optimizing your website as well as the social media profile. This helps in boosting the ranks of the brand organically i.e., without any paid promotions.

Tactical online roadmap of SEO services

The tool comes with a roadmap of the SEO practices. You can use this map to optimize all of your content, including images, videos, blogs, and articles on all the platforms. This helps small businesses to grow their visibility online as grow brands offline too.


Tracking available

When you install the tool, you can track your SEO progress online in your account. You can also track your visibility and insights into the organic content on Google analytics to understand keyword ranking. Keywords are the most important aspect of digital marketing, and free SEO citation builder can help you with it.

Features of free SEO tool

The best features of using this SEO tool for small businesses are:

  • It includes a step-by-step guide for SEO practices.
  • A plugin tool will be available that you can directly use in your website for SEO optimization.
  • A full-fledged keyword finder and mapper that reviews your organic content quality high.
  • It also offers you the best five keywords for promotion as well as backlink options for creating a network.

Free local SEO pro is the best tool to promote businesses locally. You can contact us for free small business SEO tools as well as paid services with certain useful addons.

Sign Up for Free Local SEO, Watch Sales Increase Month After Month

May 26, 2020 in SEO

For the best free local SEO services, you can turn to our team at Free Local SEO Pro. We can provide free local SEO tools that can help launch your site to the top of search engine rankings. We offer a free service package to anyone who is interested in achieving success online. There aren’t any strings attached to our free service package for small businesses. Our main goal is to help small businesses achieve the success they deserve by offering SEO strategies, techniques, and tools that are useful.

With our free service package, users can expect to have access to five relevant keywords that can be used to boost search engine rankings. Utilizing relevant keywords properly can provide huge results when it comes to creating an online presence for your company. Using the keywords we provide to you can allow you to start reaping the benefits local free SEO can provide.


Guide to SEO in 2020

When you utilize our free SEO service package at Free Local SEO Pro, you can not only take advantage of five free keywords, but you can also benefit from reporting and links! We provide you with the roadmap you need to achieve the success that you desire. With detailed reporting, you will be able to easily track information and strategies to see which areas need improvement.

We can provide you with keyword rank tracking information, in addition to a full website auditor. Our local SEO software can bring forth the best aspects of your business to the online community that is interested in them. While we urge our clients to take advantage of our free service package, small businesses that are ready to take their success to the next level should upgrade their service package.

Upgrade to Receive More Relevant Keywords

Small businesses that choose to upgrade to our small business SEO service package at Free Local SEO Pro can enjoy twenty industry relevant keywords, in addition to many other perks. Our free service package is always available to anyone or any company that wants to use it, but we urge our clients to check out our affordable small business service package to achieve the best results.

While our free service package is powerful, you can achieve greater online strength by pursuing an upgraded service package. Sign up for our services today to see how we can benefit your website. Soaring to the top of your industry is easy with the stellar services we have to offer at Free Local SEO Pro.


Free SEO Citation Builder and More

At Free Local SEO Pro, we proudly offer free and paid SEO tools for clients to use for their small business. We believe that we are able to help the largest number of businesses by offering multiple service packages. Three basic service packages can be enjoyed by our one of a kind company. Come check out what we can offer you today by signing up for a free service package. Our free services can help you utilize the power of the web and use it to benefit your brand.

The Best Local SEO May Not be the Most Expensive Plan

May 26, 2020 in SEO

Ambitious small business owners who want to rank at the top of search engines focus on local SEO for their business. Free Local SEO Pro brings years of experience in offering the best local SEO services to help companies reach their customers locally effortlessly and adequately.

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to boosting the quality and amount of website traffic by increasing your website or web page visibility to the web search engine users.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy that’s ideal for local businesses focusing on increasing their online visibility in search engines, reach more customers, and earn more revenue.


Top 10 best local SEO for growing companies?

Now you know what is local SEO, and you’re probably wondering, “how can I improve my local SEO?” Here’re the leading local SEO services that can earn you the best search engine rankings:

  1. 1) Google MY Business: These listings contain essential information about your business, and they appear when people search the companies near them.
  2. 2) Keyword targeting: This refers to using keywords that are relevant to your products or services in your website and ad copy to clinch a top listing in the search engines.
  3. 3) Local citation building: This refers to any online mention of the address, phone number, or name for a business to impact your rankings and help internet searchers to discover your local market.
  4. 4) Link building: This is simply the process of acquiring links or hyperlinks from other websites to your own site.
  5. 5) Rating and review management: This refers to monitoring and responding to either positive or negative online reviews about your product or service.
  6. 6) User experience analysis: This is clearly providing a positive UX on your website to boost a great searcher’s experience on your site, which will, of course, attract more local traffic.
  7. 7) Mobile responsive design: This refers to when your website or email displays on a mobile device, and it automatically adjusts its layout, size, and proportions to display in a user-friendly manner on the device.
  8. 8) The site and content optimization: This involves creating a reasonable amount of high-quality content.
  9. 9) Social profiles optimization: This involves taking advantage of increasing your social media platform presence and visibility.
  10. 10) Analyze your competitors’ local SEO strategies: This involves performing competitive analysis on all your competitors who’re currently ranking above you.

best local seo

Reasons why we’re the best choice company for local SEO services

Online business is incredibly competitive, with billions of companies available. This is why you need us to help you reach relevant customers. If you’re wondering why you should hire us for local SEO services here’re the reasons:

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • A comprehensive guide to improve your SEO
  • Latest techniques
  • Ethical methodologies
  • Honesty
  • Excellent communication
  • Cost-effective services, etc.

If you need the best local SEO services to improve your website rankings, increase traffic to your site, and boost your conversion rates, Free Local SEO Pro has got you covered. Please contact us now; we’ll be happy to assist you.