Free local SEO pro is a tool that can help you promote your brand visibility with the help of free small business SEO. Many businesses, especially the small ones, find search engine optimization very tricky. Our tool guides you through this process and helps your online visibility in the search engine.

Guide to SEO in 2020

An SEO strategy is as important to a business as its product marketing. After all, it plays a major role in the digital-influenced world. However, small businesses fail to understand the reasons, especially the local businesses, of why SEO is important for their business. Therefore, here are some reasons to take SEO seriously:

  • Customers rely on the Internet for all of their needs right from food delivery to make up products, educational courses, or repair services. Therefore, whichever niche your business belongs to, your customers are definitely available online.
  • The Internet will only show your company’s name in the result if your business is SEO optimized.
  • Not only the website, nowadays, but even social media content and press releases also need to be SEO focused to rank on the search engine.
  • An SEO optimized website sees more traffic in comparison to others without proper SEO practices.
  • It also helps you in getting qualified leads that, too, for free.


Small businesses find it challenging to implement SEO practices, and this is where top free and paid SEO tools come handy.

Benefits of free local SEO tools

A small business can find the most help from local SEO as their businesses are usually areas concerned. Therefore, choosing the best local SEO software can be very beneficial to such companies. The benefits you can reap by implementing the software are:

The easiest way to use SEO practices

An SEO tool after installation walks you through the SEO process. Therefore, you can have complete guidance of the tool while optimizing your website as well as the social media profile. This helps in boosting the ranks of the brand organically i.e., without any paid promotions.

Tactical online roadmap of SEO services

The tool comes with a roadmap of the SEO practices. You can use this map to optimize all of your content, including images, videos, blogs, and articles on all the platforms. This helps small businesses to grow their visibility online as grow brands offline too.


Tracking available

When you install the tool, you can track your SEO progress online in your account. You can also track your visibility and insights into the organic content on Google analytics to understand keyword ranking. Keywords are the most important aspect of digital marketing, and free SEO citation builder can help you with it.

Features of free SEO tool

The best features of using this SEO tool for small businesses are:

  • It includes a step-by-step guide for SEO practices.
  • A plugin tool will be available that you can directly use in your website for SEO optimization.
  • A full-fledged keyword finder and mapper that reviews your organic content quality high.
  • It also offers you the best five keywords for promotion as well as backlink options for creating a network.

Free local SEO pro is the best tool to promote businesses locally. You can contact us for free small business SEO tools as well as paid services with certain useful addons.