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Business listings

Getting a higher rank in ‘Google My Business’ plays a pivotal role in improving your website rank. Google verifies the credibility and reliability of your business by calculating the number of listings and citings of your business’ name, phone number, and address on the internet. The more the citations, the better your search rankings.


Mobile responsive design

A responsive website not only leads to excellent user experience, but your business will earn a search engine’s favor and help you reap larger rewards in terms of rankings. Make sure to build a mobile responsive site that helps improve the site’s usability and user experience.

UX analysis

Your website should allow users to move from one page to another seamlessly and intrigue them to click on the links on your website. They must spend more time on your website and should feel the need to revisit your site to enjoy a higher ranking.

Link building

Link building is an important SEO strategy that fuels the growth of your website visitors. By placing links on reliable and high traffic websites, you can draw some of that traffic to your site. Our SEO tools for small business has three key features, keyword finder + mapper, link opportunity finder, and backlink scanner/monitor, all of which helps you list your site in trustworthy directories.


NAP Consistency

NAP stands for name, place, and phone number. You may lose your place at the top of SERPs if you consistently change the NAP of your business. Inconsistent NAP can affect your rankings for local search queries.

Local Content

Your site must have content that is relevant and useful to the local audiences. Also, make sure to create a webpage exclusively for your location as it makes it a lot easier to earn a good ranking in the local SERPs.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords allows businesses to target several keywords at the same time. Adwords also allows you to advertise on other websites that use Google Adsense. It offers greater results than an SEO campaign.

Social Media Platforms

Content posted on social media pages has a positive impact on a website’s ranking. It helps build a loyal customer base and redirects them to the website.



Businesses with high quality and positive reviews rank high on Google. Your reviews define your image to your prospective customers.


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